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  1. Jill Jameson

    Hi just getting in touch about my entry into the drax triathlon. I wanted to change my predicted swim time from my entry as I think I might be a bit faster than I first predicted. I think I should be able to do it in 15mins. I think I had suggested 18 mins in the first instance. I don’t know whether it will make any difference. Not done a tri before so all very new. Thanks Jill

    1. David Hinch

      Hi Jill no problem. We create the swim waves to cover a range of swim times and you’ll still be ok.
      Make sure you read the race briefing and attend the pre race meeting for as much info as possible.
      If you need more info come and see one of us beforehand and we will look after you as best we can.

  2. Chris Hobson

    Just writing to give a big thanks to the organisers and volunteers at the Drax sprint triathlon yesterday. I had a great time, lovely weather and I knocked four minutes off my previous best time that I set at York in April. Also, well done for providing both a tee shirt and a medal for finishers. This is certainly an event that I will be considering doing again next year.

  3. Sally Paylor

    Hi, looking forward to Grantham sprint tri this Sunday, but a little anxious as I don’t know what my original swim time was when I entered! I’ve got 16 lengths down to 9:55 mins, will my start time still be the same as allocated, I don’t want to cause problems in the lane. Thanks

    1. David Hinch

      Hi Sally, I’ve just checked the time you gave on your entry form and its spot on! There may be both slower and faster people in your lane. Its all part of the fun!
      Remember the usual pool etiquette tho…if someone taps your feet, allow them to go past at the next turn point – but draft off them for an easier/faster swim. This is perfectly legal by the way! We’ll see you Sunday – ready to race!

  4. Sarah West

    Unfortunately I have to withdraw from the Lincolnshire Edge Standard Triathlon. I’m hoping that a refund will be possible.
    I wish you every success with the event.

  5. Martin Train

    A big thank you to all the team on a very well organised triathlon. It was the best marshalled event I have done so far. All the volunteers who gave up their time and their enthusiastic support was just brilliant. I look forward to doing this event again next year. Regards Martin

  6. Tracy Challenger

    I am unable to take part in the goole triathlon has I wanted a couple of weeks ago. I have damaged my muscles in my back and I am now on medication. Would it be possible for a part refund and would like to put it towards next year’s event.


    1. Andy Lakeland

      Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your enquiry. The team at Fast FWD Sports are working hard to secure the venue and date for The Edge for 2021. We will make an announcement as soon as we have set the date.
      Please follow Fast FWD Sports on Facebook and Instagram to get the news first.
      Many thanks from the Team at Fast FWD Sports.

  7. Simon Hoppe

    Hi Race Organiser,
    I’ve just put my name on the waiting list for the Goole Sprint Triathlon as has my best friend, Glenn Armstrong – as we live a long way away from each other now, and this it is our last chance of doing a triathlon together over the last 5+ years years – so, just wondered if there is any chance you could squeeze us in, as we’re not only really good friends, but also long term triathlon enthusiasts, in fact I’ve represented Team GB as an Elite Junior and Age Grouper for 31 years!
    Yours sincerely,
    Simon Hoppe

    1. Andy Lakeland

      Hi Simon,
      Unfortunately Goole triathlon has sold out so I am unable to fit you in. We’d love to see you at our event next year if you enter in plenty of time.
      Best regards

  8. Mike

    Hi I have just signed up for the Epworth Tri on 2nd Oct, and notice it says part of the run is on Trails….I’m struggling to find any info about the route online, just so I bring the right footwear, how ‘traily’ is it? Can you get away with regular running shoes?

    1. Andy Lakeland

      Hi Mike, At the moment with the dry summer we have experienced the trails are hard packed and dry so regular running shoes will be fine. Unless we have a significant amount of rain in September then i imagine they will stay this way. If you navigate to the events page on our website there are maps of the bike and run course, and the event information will be posted on here and emailed out to all competitors too. many thanks Andy


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